Pancrease - Type I and type II diabetes

How could stem cell therapy help in Diabetes?

Here at Next Generation Stem Cell, we are studying the potential of adipose stem therapy to manage the complications of Diabetes. All indications from current research suggest that Adult Stem Cell Therapy has the potential to turn stem cells into insulin producing cells. In the case of Diabetes, scientists are trying to use stem cells to convert mature cells into insulin producing cells. Results of  using stem cell in diabetes treatment thus far include:

  • Better glycemic control
  • Significant decreases in insulin requirement
  • Higher energy levels

How is stem cell treatment administered in Diabetes?

Stem cells are administered directly into the vein by the use of an IV.

What is currently being done using mesenchymal stem cell for Diabetes?

Next Generation Stem Cell is researching the effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy on patients with Type I and II Diabetes.

Is  stem cell in Diabetes therapy approved  by FDA ?

Currently, no. However, the FDA will not be able to approve stem cell therapies for Diabetes until enough clinical studies and trials continue to be conducted and provide evidence of their effectiveness as a treatment.

How effective might stems cell treatment be in Diabetes?

We are seeing positive results, however in order to determine the exact effectiveness of stem cell Diabetes therapy, we need to have a clear understanding of its potential outcome. We are looking for it to replace damaged beta cells, and slow the progression of the disease? In a recent study 84% of type 1 diabetics treated with stem cells no longer required insulin. Their follow up and results lasted for 2 years.

If I received a stem cell transplant, how long would it take to work?

Because administered stem cells need time to reach their targeted areas and multiply, results can vary from patient to patient depending on their condition. It will most likely take 3 months before impressive results are seen. However, some people start to see minor results on day 2 but continue to improve overtime.

Could a stem cell in Diabetes therapy be repeated?

Yes, it can. In fact, current studies show that multiple stem cell Diabetes therapies resulted in a strong possibility of a cumulative effect for patients. But most people only require one treatment.

Could a stem cell in Diabetes therapy be used at the same time as other therapies?

We don’t know this at this time. In order to measure the true effect of just the stem cell therapy, early clinical trials are not studying the effects of multiple therapies. Perhaps a combination therapy for Diabetes can be studied in the future.