I had the stem cell procedure for hair loss with Dr Jasen Kobobel at Brevard Family Walk In Clinic. The staff were completely friendly and Dr Kobobel was amazing. He answered every question and I understood completely what was going to happen from start to finish. The results have been amazing. The spot were I was thinning has become thicker and less noticeable. I am very thankful for all that Dr Kobobel and his staff did for me.

K. French

“I was having shortness of breath all the time, since the stem cell treatment I feel less short of breath now. “

R. Getzie

“I had a lot of numbness in my back and legs. After the stem cell treatment, the numbness has decreased and I have had a 50% improvement in my legs and back. I can now feel the gas petal”

R. Bizyak

” I have limited walking ability. Had to stop very frequently. Had all but given up hope. I did the stem cell procedure and walked out of the office without stopping for a break. Now I have walked Disney! Thank you Dr. Kobobel.”

J. Meredith